Monday, May 15, 2023

This Is Germany Calling With A Biscuit

I dislike most of the Eurovision Song Contest, but - almost every year - I find myself tuning in for the results portion of the broadcast.

This year was no exception.

Sweden won, but that wasn't my takeaway from the night.

With Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham one of the presenters, I was intrigued to see if we would witness any references to the Apple TV+ series.

And there was!

When they went to Germany, the male presenter pulled out a box and offered Hannah a German biscuit. 

German Biscuit (Eurovision Song Contest 2023)

For those unaware, Hannah Waddingham's character - Rebecca - is the owner of AFC Richmond; the team managed by Ted Lasso. Each morning, Lasso brings his boss a biscuit in a box. 

I obviously got the reference. As did many other followers of the series. I found it funny to see the reaction of those on social media that didn't get the reference. That made it even more amusing to me.

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