Sunday, April 09, 2023

Doritos + Burger King =

A couple of days ago, I published a post titled Burger King + Doritos = in which I wrote about coming across bags of Doritos which had a Burger King Whopper flavour.

I stumbled upon another collaboration between the fast food company and the tortilla chips yesterday evening.

Whilst looking for dinner, I checked out what they had at Burger King. I noticed that one of their new items on the menu was chicken fries coated with Doritos.

I've had the chicken fries in the past. However, I hadn't tried them with a Doritos coating. I certainly hadn't tried them with a Doritos Chilli Heatwave coating!

Some of you may think I wouldn't have liked the chilli chips because of my dislike of extremely spicy foods. However, and as funny as this may come across due to my animosity with chilli and other spices, Chilli Heatwave could be my second-favourite Doritos flavour depending on the mood I am in.

Burger KIng Chilli Heatwave Doritos Chicken Fries

As for yesterday's order - I only had a few of the fries because I shared them around with other members of my family.

I thought they were okay, but it is another one of those occasions when I can't really see myself going out of the way to buy them again.

I'd rather have Doritos coated on a full chicken. This is something I did for my first Sunday lunch as an air fryer owner.

On that day, I used the Doritos in the blue bag (Cool Original over here, Ranch in the US) to coat the chicken. They turned out quite well, if I say so myself. 

Writing this post, as well as having eaten those chicken fries last night, makes me wonder whether I should do Doritos-coated chicken again. However, instead of going for the blue bag, I'll opt for a red one.

Yes, yes.. that is what I'm going to do. Soon!

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