Friday, April 07, 2023

Burger King + Doritos =

Look at what I found yesterday.

Burger King Flame Grilled Whopper Flavoured Doritos

Yep, over here in the UK, we now have (I surmise for a limited time) Flame-Grilled Whopper flavoured Doritos.

As I know I have written many times on this blog, I enjoy the old hamburger flavoured snacks, so - as soon as I became aware that these chips are around - I couldn't help but get my hands on the product.

I enjoyed them. They were strong and had that gherkin-and-meaty flavour that I've always associated with snacks which try to replicate the taste, and scent, of a burger.

If I were to be straight up, the tortilla chips in no way reminded me of Burger King's most popular menu item.

Also on the bag are instructions on how to get your own free Whopper meal from Burger King. That might pacify those who may want the real thing afterwards.

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