Sunday, April 02, 2023

Big Daddy's Joke Book

We're in the middle of WrestleMania Weekend, so I thought I'd publish a post about professional wrestling.

No - I am not going to talk about American wrestling... I'm not even thinking about the Japanese variety. 

In today's post, I'm going old school. The first form of wrestling I was introduced to as a child - British Wrestling!

The reason why I'm focusing on the British genre of the 'sport' is because I have recently bought something on eBay that might be considered a silly purchase by some.

Big Daddy Joke Book

It's a joke book with famous British wrestler - Big Daddy - on the cover..

I doubt he had anything else to do with this book other than to lend his name to its title.

The book was first published in 1981 for eighty-five pence. I would have been far too young to have had my own copy back then. 

A few weeks ago - upon finding out about Big Daddy's Joke Book, I had a look online and found myself buying it in a lot of other joke books. 

However, what I should add about this book is it's representative of its time. There are some jokes that might not fly in modern society.

One example is there was a joke about a mental patient being in the 'loony bin'. It was, in fact, the first joke I saw when I first looked on a page. However, I cannot find it as I write this.

I'll leave you with one joke, though. Seeing as today is Sunday, this is perfect (or imperfect considering where you sit on how funny it is!).

Why do you have a joint of meat for Sunday lunch?
Because Sunday is a day of roast

That's enough for now. I have WrestleMania to watch.

Inside Big Daddy's Joke Book

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