Saturday, April 01, 2023

Rating A Drink... Liquid Water Enhancer?

When I last placed an order for drink powders, in order to publish a few posts in my Rating Drink Powders series, I came across something I hadn't seen available before.

Crush Grape

It's called a 'Liquid Water Enhancer' and - I suppose - it works in the same way the drink mixes work by squirting the liquid into a bottle of water to give it flavour.

I tried it out a few minutes ago (as I am writing the post). I squirted two shots into the water and, upon having a few sips, I've found it to be quite bland.

It was quite a disappointing result considering - as I have said plenty of times in the past - I enjoy grape flavoured things from America because you rarely get anything like that here in the UK.

Another thing which is a considerable let down is the fact that the grape-flavoured drink mix - from Crush - scored four stars in the first ever Rating Drink Powders post.

I doubt I'll ever buy another one of these small bottles again. They evidently seem to be a waste of money - especially at the price I paid on the US goods website I purchase these imported foods and drinks from.

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