Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Try More Christmas Crisps

It is now over a month since we celebrated Christmas and there is something I have yet to open.

No, it isn't a present. All those have been unwrapped. What I have left over from Christmas '22 is a packet of crisps that I - to be quite frank - have feared trying.

Whilst doing an online food shop on the Tesco website a few weeks before Christmas, I came across a packet of limited edition festive crisps. 

They were Christmas Pudding flavour.

Tesco Christmas Pudding Flavour Christmas

I added them to my basket thinking they would be fun to sample.

But then, when they were in my hands, flashbacks from other Christmas crisps flooded back to haunt me.

Remember when I tried a couple of Christmas Pringles nearly ten years ago? I shudder when I recall it. I had even tried Christmas Tree flavoured crisps from Iceland during a recent Christmas. Then there were the Mince Pie flavoured crisps from Walkers for Christmas of 2021.

To put it bluntly, Christmas Pudding - as a Christmas crisp - does not feel right. 

But, they're here beside me. And I'm going to try them 'live' at my desk. 

* * *

They smell sweet..

Yeah, I was right. I do not like them. 

I took a small bite of one of the crisps and it didn't taste like Christmas Pudding. However, the aftertaste sure did. Upon taking a second bite, the flavour struck me. The flavour which gives off the Christmas Pudding scent is strong and they do indeed taste like the Christmas dessert. 

Just like with all the other crisps, the potato (crisp?) taste you get along with the flavour makes it a terrible idea.

I will never learn the lesson, will I? 

Christmas themed crips should be banned from my home!

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