Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Super Bowl I'd Like To See (2022 Season Edition)

Every year, ahead of the NFL's championship games, I dedicate a post titled 'The Super Bowl I'd Like To See' where I rank the potential Super Bowl match-ups in order.

With the Bengals, Chiefs, Eagles and 49ers the only teams left in the hunt for February 12th, there are four possible games. Here is my list starting with the game I'd least like to see right through to the one I will be the most happy to see.

4. Kansas City .vs. Philadelphia
The game I would least like to see on February 12th is the one I think has the greater chance of happening. The reason why I wouldn't like to see it is because it would mean I'd have to see the Chiefs play. 

3. Kansas City .vs. San Francisco
The Brock Purdy storyline has been fantastic to follow. He was the last guy picked in the draft and has moved from third string quarterback of the 49ers to starter. I wouldn't dislike this game at all. However, it once again means Kansas City and that's why it's third on my list.

2. Cincinnati .vs. San Francisco
Even though I like the 49ers' quarterback storyline, I would prefer the Bengals to meet the Eagles in the Super Bowl. I'll explain more below..

1. Cincinnati .vs. Philadelphia
The Eagles have been the best team in the NFL this season and deserve to make it to the big one. Cincinnati have once again found their way in the deep end of the playoffs and I would like for them to have back-to-back Super Bowl visits... you know what, I wouldn't mind if they actually win it this time.

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