Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Ryan Done

It appears as though Matt Ryan has played his last game for the Indianapolis Colts.

On Monday, a day removed from the Colts' 10-19 loss to the Tennessee Titans, head coach - Frank Reich - revealed that Sam Ehlinger is now the team's number one quarterback.

This move - in favour of Ehlinger over Ryan - followed the latter's dreadful start to the season. His stats for 2022 are incredibly bad. Ryan is first overall in interceptions (he has thrown nine), first in fumbles (11) and - even though part of this is his O-Line's fault, but still - he is tied for first in being sacked (24).

According to reports, Colts' owner - Jim Irsay - called on his general manager and head coach to make this change. It would not surprise me if either GM, HC or both are next for the chopping block when the Colts next lose a game. 

If I am wrong, and both Chris Ballard (GM) and Frank Reich (Head Coach), are still there for the rest of the season, I am sure they'll both be gone by early January. 

That is, of course, if the team has made it to the playoffs. 

Irsay forcing management's hands to move away from Matt Ryan this early in the season leads one to suspect that maybe the owner feels the odds on making it to the post-season are no longer in the team's favour.

As I wrote in March, Matt Ryan has not been the same player since half-time of the Super Bowl in 2017 after his then team, the Atlanta Falcons, threw away a 21-3 lead to the New England Patriots, who went on to win the game with a score of 28-34.

Bringing him in was a mistake. 

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