Friday, September 09, 2022

The Salute

With all of the major TV channels offering non-stop coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the first few days of Charles III as King, I have found myself flipping from channel to channel.

A lot is happening and it's fascinating to see it all unfold. 

King Charles is currently flying from Aberdeen Airport to London and will make a public statement at 6PM BST.

The House of Commons has been memorialising the Queen with speeches from both the leader of the opposition and the Prime Minister.

As of right now, they are preparing to carry out the 96 gun salute.

And the guns have just began to fire shortly after I wrote the previous line.

Hyde Park, York, Gibraltar, Edinburgh, Portsmouth, Guernsey and Cardiff Castle were all shown.

I hope the schools across the country are letting the pupils watch this. It's such a moment in time that has to be experienced. 

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