Monday, June 07, 2021


I didn't watch the Floyd Mayweather versus Logan Paul boxing match - and I'll use that term loosely - last night.

But, I have seen the result.

And, oh boy, it went exactly how I feared it would go.

The bout went the distance with Mayweather failing to KO the social media 'star'. 

According to the report I read, Paul failed to land many punches on the professional. It was all Mayweather. Or Paul countering by hugging Mayweather to keep him contained.

Either way, we're in for a ride. 

Just by lasting against Mayweather, expect those who don't know any better to consider Paul as the real winner due to the rule which stated that no winner would be declared.

I'm serious.

They'll also go on to state that, just because Conor McGregor didn't go the distance with Mayweather in their fight, that Paul could beat McGregor.

I'm tellin' you. That'll be what's going to be said. 

If it hasn't been stated already....

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