Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Tracking Indy

I had another peculiar dream last night.

Maybe it isn't completely odd considering the news that I am aware of, though.

I dreamt that I had bought a Blu-ray box set of the Indiana Jones movies at HMV, but lost the receipt. I encountered a problem when the first disc had tracking issues.

Yes - 'tracking issues'. A problem that I would face constantly during the VHS era and haven't even thought about in a very long time. 

I remedied the lack of a receipt by going into the shop, buying another box set and then switching them before returning back to the shop to ask for a refund as the set was faulty.

Even though that was the main plot of the dream there was a takeaway that made me laugh when I woke up this morning with a vivid recollection of what I had done in Dream Land.

The box set was of the first three movies. The director of my dreams took it upon itself to discount the thought that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull existed. 

That was the best part of the dream, to be honest.

Anyway - here's why I believe Indiana Jones turned up in my dream last night.

The fifth movie in the franchise is currently being filmed. I believe this started sometime last week. If not, it's this week. 

I was happy to see Indy return for the fourth movie years ago, but it wasn't a good movie compared to the earlier three. I'm cautiously looking forward to seeing what happens in the fifth film.

I might even buy the five-movie box set when it's released. I'll make sure to check the tracking if - or rather when - I do.

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