Saturday, January 16, 2021

Young Rock Gets An Airdate

I did a search through some of my old posts on this blog today because I wanted to link to something that I am sure I wrote about.

Sometime at the beginning of last year, I read that Dwayne Johnson was working on a new sitcom - titled Young Rock - that is based on his early years. 

As you'd expect, Johnson being listed for something would have caught my interest. However, someone else associated with the project made it even more of a 'must see' to me.

Also credited in the press release as working on the series was Nahnatchka Khan.

Khan's name stood out because she is the creator of one my current favourite comedies - Fresh Of The Boat. She is listed as a writer and producer of Young Rock.

I saw the combination of Johnson and Khan as a perfect collision of two of some of my favourite things - The Rock and Khan's comedy writing/production.

If Young Rock is going to be anything like Fresh Off The Boat then I am all-in.

The decision to return to the Young Rock post (even though it looks like it doesn't exist) was to point out that the series has now been given a premiere date over in the US.

Young Rock

It'll air on NBC on February 16th. 

My fingers are crossed that the series will be picked up by a channel here in the UK. 

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