Sunday, January 17, 2021

£1 Credit Goes A Long (Short?) Way

Yesterday morning, I was given a £1 credit to play fantasy sports with the betting firm I play weekly NFL games. 

I didn't have an inclination to enter a contest because the NFL is now at the playoff stage with only two games a day and I prefer having at least three games to select players from. The £1 credit made me go back on this opinion and a team was structured.

As per usual, I entered the £4.44 game. This time, it only cost me £3.44 due to having received the £1 assist.

It turned out to be a worthwhile decision.

The team I created scored 108.84 points. There were 268,125 entries and my squad finished in 53,573rd place.

Its final position was in the payout zone. I returned £8. Not bad...

DFS Divisional Fantasy Football

I'm unsure whether I'll play again with tonight's two games. With that said, I changed my mind yesterday, so never say never.

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