Tuesday, August 04, 2020

The XFL Bought By A Surprise Buyer

In what was a surprise to yours truly, Vince McMahon's American football league - the XFL - was brought back from bankruptcy yesterday.

In an even bigger surprise - it was done by somebody well-known to Mr. McMahon.

McMahon's league was brought back to life after a 2001 run that ended in closure. However, the 2020 league restart was brought to a halt due to Covid-19 forcing world sports to go dark. Unfortunately for everybody involved with the XFL, McMahon's Alpha Entertainment - the company that owned the league - filed for bankruptcy weeks later.

I was gutted when the league abruptly stopped. I was even more disappointed when the league looked to be done for good. 

For a second time.

And then came yesterday's news.

Dwayne Johnson, along with his ex-wife - Dany Garcia - and RedBird Capital, were reported as having purchased the league for $15 Million. 

How about that? The guy who first found fame working for Vince McMahon now ends up owning one of his former boss' properties. 

It should go without saying that I am happy to see the XFL saved (if you can call it that). I really did enjoy watching spring football.

I only hope that the new owners find it a worthwhile venture and the league lasts longer than the previous two incarnations.

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