Saturday, April 04, 2020

WrestleMania Is Tonight (And Tomorrow Night)

It's WrestleMania tonight.

And tomorrow night.

I still cannot get my head around the idea that this year's event is still going ahead albeit in an empty gymnasium (okay, the WWE Performance Center but it is a gym!) and over two nights.

It doesn't feel like a WrestleMania day for me. I'm usually looking forward to the show but it's hard to feel hyped with everything that's going on in the world.

Knowing that the show has already been recorded - and not live - is another thing that gives me little enthusiasm.

I'll tell you what I am more interested in right now and that's the virtual Grand National that is taking place later on today.

Because this year's real race has been called off due to the coronavirus outbreak, they're doing a computer-generated version.

An insane, yet brilliant, idea. If I say so myself, of course.

Tiger Roll - the horse that would have going for three in the real National today, if it was being run - is a 5/1 favourite at the betting website I looked at this morning.

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