Monday, March 30, 2020

The Book And Its Cover

The other day, I looked at the spines of books on the shelf thinking I have a good opportunity to get a lot of them started and finished now that we're being quarantined.

Creating The Mania by Jon Robinson stood out to me. 

As the title suggests - it's a book about how WrestleMania is created from the choosing of the host city right through to the day of the event.

I decided there and then that, seeing as this is WrestleMania Week, it would be an appropriate book to start with. I pulled the book down last night as I prepared some things for today. 

I bought it a few years ago, but forgot what the cover looked like. It's quite depressing to look at considering our current environment.

Creating The Mania

All those people in attendance in a packed out stadium watching the biggest night in professional wrestling's calendar.

By this time next week, I would have watched the event held in an empty gymnasium.

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