Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Aussie Soaps And Coronavirus

I had a bit of a surprise yesterday when I went to record today's episodes of Home and Away and Neighbours.

Both weren't on the schedule.

After a little look around as to the reason why (well, it's obvious why, I just wanted to know for sure), I found out that - due to the coronavirus pandemic - the airing of the two soaps has been reduced.

So, for now, the programmes will air on Channel 5 every Monday and Friday.

We're already a few months behind Home and Away, so that would leave a bit more of a gap of content.

The Neighbours situation is intriguing, though. This is because we had caught up with the series a few years ago and - as Australia hasn't adjusted its airing schedule in any way yet - we are now back to being behind those down under.

I have a feeling we'll end up catching back up with Neighbours eventually because their entire filming and broadcasting has been changed because of the money coming in from over here.

Both series' have halted filming due to the pandemic, but they film about six months ahead of their broadcast date. Still, the delay will mean they'll have to make some adjustments sooner or later.

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