Thursday, January 31, 2019

Another SodaStream Rant

It's time I once again write about how ripped off I feel as a SodaStream UK customer.

As I mentioned on here a few years ago, I dipped back into SodaStream after purchasing a machine with my NFL winnings at the end of one of the seasons.

I enjoyed buying the flavours and making new drinks. I even found myself ordering random flavours from Germany.

Then - sometime last year, and - in my opinion not so coincidentally the flavours became close to extinct around the time of the sugar tax being introduced into this country.

When I asked SodaStream why the flavours were vanishing before our very eyes, I was told that, and this is what I was told directly from SodaStream - they halted their range of flavours due to customer feedback informing them that more and more people were choosing sparkling water over the syrups. They went on to state that 'but as a company we try our best to listen to our customers hence the syrups making a comeback'.

This was in July. You know that saying about 'Don't call this a comeback'? Well, I can't. I have yet to see syrups anywhere.

The website shop is touting some new sugar free drops to put inside the fizzy water, but this has been promised as 'Coming Soon' for months and - just like the promise of syrups returning to their shop in September (and the direction from staff that you can find the goods at The Range and Lakeland - which I CANNOT!) nothing has progressed.

SodaStream is not worth the money anymore. I haven't been able to use the machine since the summer. I wish there was some way to force the firm to offer me some sort of refund because I bought the product in good faith. I'd understand if the manufacturers of a machne I bought went out of business years after I bought it, but SodaStream hasn't. I just have a dud of a machine sitting on my kitchen counter because - for some reason - the company has decided not to satisfy my needs as a customer.

And that doesn't sit well with me.

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