Friday, September 18, 2020

Doing A Kriss Kross 3

Over the past fortnight, I've published a couple of posts in which I've had a go at criss cross puzzles. I've decided to do a harder one this week.

The following puzzle comes from last month's issue of the Take A Break Criss Cross Collection. It has the same concept as a criss cross. However, instead of trying to fit words into the squares in the spots where they should be, you have to put a selection of digits in.

I am dreadful when it comes to numbers, so this is even more of a challenge than a regular criss cross would be.

As per usual, I'll time myself to see how I do. If I screw up, that will be noted below. Here's what the puzzle looked like before. 

Criss Cross

And below is an image of the puzzle after I attempted it.

Criss Cross

It took me eighteen minutes and twenty-five seconds to fill. 

Completing the puzzle was just as enjoyable as a regular criss cross. With that said, it felt a little bit better considering how hard I found it!

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