Friday, April 13, 2018

Bad Dudes

I don't own a Nintendo Switch.

I no longer have any intentions of buying a Nintendo Switch.


Somebody who follows me on Twitter (I follow back) has been tweeting about a retro title that has become available on the system. As soon as I saw what it was, a smile crossed my face.

Apparently, Switch users can now play a game titled Bad Dudes .vs. Dragonninja.

I first came across this game while holiday in Malta during the summer of 1989. I was heavily into arcade games back then and one of my favourites was Double Dragon.

Bad Dudes was very similar to Double Dragon in that you had to walk the streets beating up your adversaries in order to save somebody.

I should have done some research before starting this post, but - if I recall correctly - in Bad Dudes, your mission is to save President Ronald Reagan.

I could be wrong, though! I might have mixed it up with another game from around that time.

Anyway, after the holiday was over, Bad Dudes made its way to the top of my Commodore 64 wish list. Along with Arkanoid - another arcade game I spent my time playing that summer.

If I had a Nintendo Switch, I would have purchased Bad Dudes as soon as I saw it available. Just because.

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