Thursday, April 12, 2018

Waiting For Andre

I have read quite a lot of praise for the Andre the Giant documentary that aired in the USA the other night.

HBO produced it, so there's a good chance it'll make its way to Sky Atlantic over here in the UK.

I'll hold on for a few weeks to see if it hits these shores. If not, I'll have to go and find another way to watch it.

Either way - I'm going to find it. By hook or crook (if you know what I mean!).

A lot of the reviews I've read have stated that it'll even be of interest to people who don't follow professional wrestling or know Andre from The Princess Bride - the movie he became famous for outside of what was his regular profession.

I've always found the topic of Andre the Giant to be fascinating whenever I've read or heard stories about his life. Granted, sometimes I've had the BS detector beeping furiously as some of these, pardon the pun, tall tales were told, but - even so - he still makes for an interesting topic to cover. The reaction to Tuesday's airing proves this.

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