Thursday, July 13, 2017


A few weeks ago, I was buying the papers and thought I'd treat myself to a National Lottery scratch card.

I brought it home, scratched the card and won £2.

From there, I decided that - on my next visit to the same shop - I'd claim my prize but, instead of cashing in for money, I'd purchase another two cards with the winnings.

I did that. I won £10 on the second card I scratched.

I spent the past few weeks wondering whether to go all-in and buy ten cards the next time. The reasonable part of me was telling me to quit while I was ahead, but the blogger in me knew it would make for an interesting story.

Look what won the battle...

National Lottery Scratch Cards July 2017

I have just began to scratch away...

Card #1 - £1.00
Card #2 - Nothing
Card #3 - £10.00 
Card #4 - Nothing
Card #5 - Nothing
Card #6 - Nothing
Card #7 - Nothing
Card #8 - £1.00
Card #9 - Nothing
Card #10 - Nothing

I'm now £11 in profit. Here begins the inner turmoil - do I quit while I'm ahead or buy another twelve cards?

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