Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Final Winner Of 2016?

I may have had my last winning bet of 2016.

A few months ago, I placed a wager on the new Call of Duty game being the top selling title at Christmas.

It was 8/1 at the time I struck the bet. The favourite was FIFA 2017. At the point, FIFA was just about to be released or was already on the shelves. CoD had yet to be published, so I took the gamble on it.

I had a few looks at the charts every now and again. FIFA did do okay, to be fair. However, as soon as Call of Duty was out, it went in at number one.

There was a blip, though.

For some reason, FIFA took over from Call of Duty a couple of weeks back. I presume this was because some shops had sold it for a cheaper price for Black Friday or something. Anyway, it didn't last at peak for long, Call of Duty ended up back in charge shortly after.

I don't know when the official weekly rankings are announced, but I had the money sitting in my betting account on Tuesday.

I started today's post noting that it may have been my last winning bet of 2016. I still have some NFL games to select for this weekend's slate of fixtures. Have I jinxed myself before I've had a punt or is it reverse psychology? I guess we haven't got long to find out.

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