Wednesday, September 07, 2016

More On GLOW

In June, I wrote about Netflix having agreed to produce a comedy series based on the 1980s GLOW wrestling league. There has been some more news filtering in about the project within the past few weeks.

Apparently, Chavo Guerrero Jr. is going to train the actresses as they prepare for their roles. For those of you unaware, he's a decent hand in the ring and comes from a legendary wrestling family. He has wrestled for major companies like WCW and WWE.

The other news I welcomed is that Alison Brie will be the main start of the sitcom.

Brie is one of my favourite actresses. She played a hysterical character - Annie Edison - in the comedy show, Community, that I enjoyed.

I haven't purchased a Netflix subscription. Yet. As soon as GLOW is out, I'll be in the queue!

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