Monday, August 05, 2013


I have been listening to 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's new venture a lot lately.

Wait! New venture? You ask.

The former wrestler, now actor and TV host has a new job. Podcaster.

To be honest, I only get to dedicate enough time to listen to the podcast when he has guests that interest me.

I've heard him do shows with - in no particular order - Kevin Nash, Jim Ross, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Trish Stratus, Scott Hall, Terry Funk and found all of them enjoyable. There is something unique listening to Austin interview his contemporaries. It's surreal in ways.

Anyway, the most recent show I listened to featured somebody that I hadn't heard of since junior school.

Little Egypt.

She was a wrestler who worked for G.L.O.W in the 1980s. GLOW ran from 1986 to 1992 and aired over here on the Lifestyle channel during the late 80s.

For the trivia buffs reading this - GLOW was the first programme I ever watched on satellite television. We had our satellite fitted on a Sunday morning in August 1989 and the first channel we tuned into once the installer had left was Lifestyle.

I cannot remember the time GLOW was on at (11 or 12pm maybe) but every Sunday I would tune in.

My favourite wrestler from the troupe was a horror movie type character named Dementia. She would come to the ring carrying an axe or a dolls head.

Tivia fact #2: Dementia was the first heel wrestler that I cheered on

Hearing Little Egypt's interview with Austin brought back so many fond memories from my childhood/ I remember Egypt and the way she came out dressed like a barefooted belly dancer. The name 'Mount Fiji' was brought up and a smile came across my face as I recall a moment in junior school when my teacher was telling us about Mountains. She mentioned 'Mount Fiji' and I exclaimed 'that's a woman wrestler!' I wonder what kind of women wrestling my teacher was thinking I watched.

GLOW was tame in comparison to people's perspective of female wrestling circa 1989.

It was just campy 80s wrestling at its finest. The thing with the people associated with the product is that they knew what it was and embraced it tightly. I think that's what has made GLOW a fond memory for those who were fans back in the day.

Little Egypt noted that the documentary for GLOW is now out. I am keen to watch it and catch up with what happened to some of the main stars from the promotion.

If you have never heard of GLOW, check out YouTube. You'll find some great clips if you do.

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