Sunday, June 05, 2016

Brock Is Back In The UFC

Wow. What a crazy weekend this has been for sport stories.

Brock Lesnar is returning to the UFC for one night only on the UFC 200.

This deal was totally hush-hush until sometime late last night. His opponent will be revealed on ESPN in the US on Monday.

WWE has acknowledged that 'The Beast' will be heading back to mixed martial arts so I guess there must have been an agreement. Could this mean we finally get to see Ronda Rousey wrestle at a WrestleMania?

Or what about Conor McGregor?

I'm getting way ahead of myself here. It could be something as simple as Lesnar having an agreement with WWE that he can pursue an MMA fight.

I'm sure I'll write more about this over the next month or so. UFC 200 will take place on July 9th.

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