Saturday, May 28, 2016


This weekend is the Britain's Got Talent final, so I think it's about time for my annual rant at how contrived this programme really is.

The focus of this year's rant is centred  on the dance act - Boogie Storm.

Firstly, I have not watched much of this year's show. My friends and family have told me to watch two acts in 2016. One was a magician who did a brilliant performance where he pretended to screw up his act only for the mannequin he brought on stage to become a human.

I thought it was great, but he never made it to the live semi-finals. So, there you go.

As for Boogie Storm? Well, that's another thing.

I'm a Star Wars fan, so was told about the dancing Stormtroopers and had a look on YouTube. My first though 'Is Lucas or Disney okay with this?' It then turned to 'Okay, they're dancing Stormtroopers, so what?'

And then Simon Cowell even gave them a free pass to the semi-final by hitting the golden buzzer.

Something didn't sit well with me on that one. There must be method to his madness.

I'm not going to write too much more about what I think went down, but what I will state is that the troupe is from Jennifer Ellison's dance studio. This dance studio is on Ellison's TV show 'Dance Mums' programme that is is produced by Shiver - production company that its very own website claims is a 'multi-award winning factual arm of ITV Studios'.

Need I add more?

The live semi-final had all four judges applauding the act and claiming how 'original' it was.

It isn't.

Disney has been doing dancing stormtroopers for years. It is unoriginal. YouTube it, you'll see for yourself.

The dancing stormtroopers act overseas has a dancing Darth Vader. I'm calling this now: there will be a dancing Vader on the BGT final just to get the extra pop from the audience and voters at home.

And you know what else? The judges will go on about how clever an idea it was to have Darth Vader dancing

It's going to happen. You know it.

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