Monday, June 01, 2015

The Win Is In

The Bettors' Remorse I was feeling yesterday has been relieved today.

Kevin Owens DID beat John Cena after all.

The match was great. And it made sense for the newcomer to the WWE main roster to pick up the W on his first match in.

The odds were favourable to John Cena all the way through the week. However, I noticed there was some money coming in on Owens late, but it wasn't enough to send the Canadian to favouritism.

I did have a losing bet for the Elimination Chamber event, though.

King Barrett has been beaten so much on TV lately that I could not resist laying a tenner on him at 14/1. Usually, the writers like to do even-steven booking where the wrestler on a losing run ends up winning when it matters the most.

Not yesterday.

Now on to Money in the Bank in a fortnight!

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