Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Another Shot Aimed At BGT

I'm sorry, but I cannot resist this one today.

Britain's Got Talent is a CON.

Yeah, I know. I've been stating this for years. I have the ammo to back it up this time.

The news that the 2015 winner used a stunt dog for part of the act did make me chuckle.

A stunt dog!? How ridiculous is that? If the dog in the act cannot walk a tight rope, you know what the best solution would be? DON'T DO THE TIGHTROPE PART OF THE ACT!

I hope the people who voted - and are miffed that they were duped - get a refund.

Also, spare a thought for the magician who finished second place. How must he be feeling right about now with £250,000 passing him by due to the BGT producers' subterfuge.

Imagine how many lemons he now needs to find £250,000.

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