Saturday, November 07, 2015

And The Flavour Winner Is..

WHAT!? Beef & Onion actually went? I did not know this and I will bet all the money in the world that this is the flavour that returns.
- Me back in August in the post titled Walkers Bring Me Back Campaign

The Walkers Crisps campaign that kicked off over the summer where the company relaunched flavours from the past and gave its customers the chance to vote on one to come back for good is now over. A winner has been announced.

And it comes as no surprise that Beef and Onion is the winner.

Apparently, the flavour secured around 480,000 of the 1.3 Million votes that were cast.

It was an easy victory, to be fair. It was up against flavours that weren't around as long as Beef and Onion had been. Longevity and nostalgia will win out any day.

I did try out all the flavours. Despite knowing what the winner would be, I did like Toasted Cheese. I had forgotten all about the flavour but, as soon as I saw the packet and tasted them, I recalled having a packet or two way back during my school days.

The other flavours that had been a part of this were: Barbecue, Lamb and Mint, Cheese and Chive with Marmite being brought back as an immediate returning flavour.

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