Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thoughts On The Call

I watched the WWE-produced movie - The Call - yesterday.

The film was okay. Not great but not as terrible as you would think.

Halle Berry plays the main character who works as a 911 operator. The story starts off with Berry's character being on the end of the phone when a girl is abducted from her home. She is later found murdered, which causes Jordan (Berry) to battle depression.

Well, I think it's depression. She is seen taking pills six months later and no longer works on the phones. Instead, she is a trainer at the call centre but ends up taking a call when one of the newer members of staff gets a call from.

Wait.. Can you guess?

If you thought 'a girl who has been abducted by the same person as before' you win a prize.

I don't want to give too much away, but it does get kind of psychotic near the end. And when I type 'psychotic' I mean Norman Bates kind of psychotic.

As noted, it's not terrible but definitely isn't superb. It doesn't even target WWE audiences as the movie doesn't have any wrestling personalities in it.

Not that that's a bad thing!

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