Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Sika Anoa'i

Considering I first started watching the World Wrestling Federation regularly from the mid-1980s, I missed Sika Anoa'i's active career. However,  over the years, I learned a lot about his time teaming with his brother - Afa - as the Wild Samoans.

The team won the WWF Tag Team Championship three times. Those reigns are counted among a load of other championship victories across other wrestling promotions during his near twenty-year career.

In recent years, we - as fans - saw Sika make his final appearance on WWE TV with his son, Roman Reigns. This was early in Reigns' most recent championship run which lasted 1,316 days - something I strongly believe we'll never see again in this lifetime.

Sika passed away yesterday at the age of seventy-nine. His legacy will live on forever. 

Ronan Reigns left the following message on TAFKA Twitter overnight.

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