Saturday, May 04, 2024

Strapping In For Star Wars Day 2024

For many years, I had set my sights on buying a Star Wars strap for my Apple Watch. 

There was one problem, however. 

Every time I would see the product on Amazon, the price would be higher than I had originally seen it and I was not going to pay more. 

The waiting game ended in January of this year. I found the strap I wanted (Empire Strikes Back - my favourite film in the franchise!) at a reasonable price.

My mother ended up giving me the money for it for a birthday present. I made the point of saying 'thanks, but I'm not going to start wearing it until May 4th'.

May the 4th is now with us, so - the first order of today's business was to attach the strap to my watch.

Before I go through everything, I should point out what the box looks like.

As I've already stated, I chose the strap with the images from The Empire Strikes Back because it is my favourite film in the series. I could have picked straps from A New Hope or Return of the Jedi. I remained loyal to my fave, though.

Putting the strap was relatively easy. I've been changing straps for many years. 

After doing all the physical work, I had the option to choose from a selection of watch faces. To do that, I had to download an app and then use a QR Code from the strap's instruction manual to access the free faces I was given.

After scanning the code, I found the library of images. 

From A New Hope!!

I looked around the app for images of The Empire Strikes Back, but all I could get for free was a set from A New Hope.

So, here's what I decided to have initially:

So, I had a strap of The Empire Strikes Back and then the watch face was the poster of A New Hope. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the poster for A New Hope. However, when the box of The Empire Strikes Back strap has a photograph from The Empire Strikes Back, isn't it reasonable to assume you'd get a library of images from The Empire Strikes Back?

'I'm not going to let them rip me off' I exclaimed as I looked through all thirty-two of the available A New Hope watch faces that had been forced upon me. 

I wasn't going to be ripped off and pay for The Empire Strikes Back collection dammit.

But I did.

I ponied up an additional £1.99 and now have twenty-two images taken from my favourite Star Wars flick.

The image of the Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader duel was the first photograph I selected for the face.

But then, as the morning turned to the afternoon, I decided to switch it up and have the poster of The Empire Strikes Back.

I'm sure I'll change my mind again. And again. But, that is the face I plan to use for at least the next few days. 

So, to close: the strap is great. Being somewhat conned for watch faces isn't.

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