Monday, May 13, 2024

The MTV Tweet

I came across a tweet - or post, if you want to get with the times, which made me smile this morning.

MTV Tweet

It announced that MTV will turn forty-three this year (it launched August 1 1981). Then, it ends by saying 'Thanks for 14 years of music'.

Which is absolutely spot on. Give or take a few years.

MTV is not what it once was. And that's a bloody shame.

I recall it being one of the first things I watched on satellite television when my aunt and uncle had a dish installed back in the day.

The Bangles' Eternal Flame was the first video I saw on the channel, albeit the European version of MTV which debuted in 1987. That's how much I remember the first time I tuned in.

My favourite MTV years were the mid-90s, though. 

I spent many a Saturday evening tuned into Yo! MTV Raps. It, along with Word Championship Wrestling on the German sports channel - DSF, were the weekend priorities in my early teens.

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