Wednesday, May 29, 2024

I Try The Hat Trick From McDonald's

McDonald's brought out a burger named The Hat Trick today.

As you could possibly figure out by its title, the burger consists of three patties. I surmise it has been introduced in time for the Euros which begins in a fortnight.

McDonald's The Hat Trick Burger

The burger which came out today is, as the McDonald's website reads, made up of 'three 100% beef patties with two slices of cheese, grilled onions, mustard and ketchup'.

McDonald's The Hat Trick Burger

Those food items are sandwiched between a glazed sesame seed bun.

McDonald's The Hat Trick Burger

Before I even get into writing about whether I liked it or not, I believe it should be pointed out that this is not the first McDonald's burger which has been given a 'Hat Trick' kind of moniker.

Back in 1994, in time for the World Cup, the fast food giants brought out a three patty burger named the Hat Trick. However, that one was more like a triple cheeseburger you'd find on the regular menus today.

The main contrast between then and now, I suppose, is the bun. Today's one is better. And - to be quite frank - that's the sole difference between the burgers with a thirty-year age gap.

McDonald's The Hat Trick Burger

I found The Hat Trick to be quite filling. And very greasy. That, I am sure, is thanks to the overload of meat inside the burger. I struggled to finish it, but I got there in the end.

With that said, I did enjoy it. 

I might opt to have another one if I find myself in the mood for a McDonald's before The Hat Trick's limited edition run concludes in a few weeks.

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