Monday, March 04, 2024

The Password

In yesterday's post, I wrote about Sting who was set to wrestle his last match at last night's AEW Revolution event.

There was something else I wanted to add to my personal memories of him, but it is quite random and wouldn't have fit in anywhere yesterday.

I'll spend today's post sharing it, though.

As I mentioned yesterday, Sting was on the card of the first ever American wrestling show I went to. It was the Cardiff stop on WCW's Halloween Havoc Tour of 1993. 

My tickets were purchased a day before we went back to school in September and then - on the first or second day of the new school year - I was in my business studies class.

It was the first year we had lessons with PCs and the teacher was going from student-to-student asking them to whisper a password into his ear. He would then write the word down so he could set up our way to access the computers at a later point.

With the WCW show the focus of my mind back then, I knew I was going to use a wrestler's name as my password. I initially thought 'Sid Vicious' because he was my favourite WCW wrestler at the time. However, I then reasoned that the word may have been too long or something. By the time the teacher arrived to me, I had something short and sweet.

'Sting,' I whispered into his ear.

He looked back at me with a smile. 'Ahh, I like The Police as well'. 

I didn't want to burst his bubble so I played along and didn't correct him. 

Fortunately for me, the class was split up in half a few days later and I was placed with a different teacher. I don't know how I would have been able to keep the 'The Police is my favourite band' charade up for two years.

The thing that makes this even more funny is I would have had a similar issue had I went with my first choice of 'Sid Vicious'. 

He would have immediately thought I was a fan of the Sex Pistols.

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