Friday, March 22, 2024

Another 'Wow!' Moment

I had one of those 'Wow!' moments yesterday.

After finishing Stephen King's Rose Madder earlier in the day, I decided it was time to once again settle for a Jack Sheffield book.

I have been reading Sheffield's 'Teacher' series of novels for a couple of years and I am almost near the end. I often choose to read those books after reading intense or larger titles. 

Anyway, to find out the title of the next book in the series' order, I visited Jack Sheffield's website. It informed me the next book I should seek was 'School Days'.

'Did I buy School Days a year ago in an Amazon sale?' I questioned myself. To find the answer, I picked up one of my Kindles to search its library.

And that's when the 'Wow!' came.

As you'll see below, I opened the Kindle and the advertisement which met me, when the device started up, was for the book I had settled on as the next on my list.

How crazy was that? 

Even crazier when you consider that I would have likely picked up the Kindle Scribe (which doesn't have adverts), but I had left it in the hallway and was too lazy to go downstairs to retrieve it. I opted for the Paperwhite (with ads).

School Days by Jack Sheffield

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