Wednesday, March 27, 2024

I Try Flamin' Cheese Pringles

I ordered one of the latest boxes of Pringles from Asda yesterday.

It turned into a mistake. However, it is completely on me.

There were three Pringles Hot flavours to choose from. Usually, I would have picked up all three. However, knowing there was a strong chance (and 'strong' is very operative here) I would dislike them, I opted for the 'Flamin' Cheese Flavour'.

I could only have a few of these potato snacks. They were not enjoyable even though cheesy Pringles - whenever they've had limited runs - have always been one of my faves.

Too spicy for me. But, all was not lost. Other members of my family liked them.

This wasn't the first time I have eaten spicy cheese flavoured Pringles. The last time was - at a guess - fourteen years ago when they had a nacho cheese with jalapeƱo flavour under the 'Extreme' brand of Pringles.

I won't be trying those 'Hot' ones again. For those still interested, the other two flavours available are Hot Kickin' Sour Cream and Hot Mexican Chilli and Lime.

They're not for me.

Pringles Hot - Cheese

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