Thursday, February 01, 2024

'David's Dead'

I watched Neighbours early this morning.

As you might know, or will soon find out: I've been a fan off-and-on (mainly on) of the soap since the 1980s.

Today's episode is hands-down one of the best ones they've ever done.

It centred on the death of David Tanaka, who used to be a doctor at Erinsborough Hospital years ago. However, he was struck off after choosing not to perform first aid on a person who had beaten David's husband - Aaron - to a pulp.

In yesterday's episode, the latest villain of the series - Eden - was beating up David's brother - Leo. David arrived on the scene, pulled Eden off his victim resulting in David and Eden falling from a great height.

Today, we saw an injured David save Eden and then tell Aaron and Leo to carry Eden up the hill to get him sent to the hospital. This left David alone to die.

The act was perfect redemption to David's character. 

Such moving story telling and acting. 

I am genuinely glad Neighbours came back just for this one episode alone. 

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