Saturday, January 06, 2024

Decorations Coming Down.. Soon

In a few hours from now, if not sooner, I'll begin the process of taking down all the Christmas decorations.

I don't have much to pack away this year. Just like last year, with cats as pets, we decided to only have a miniature Christmas tree on the hall stand rather than in the living room.

I may as well show you what it looked like for Christmas 2023 before everything is taken off it.

My youngest nephew did all the work on it. I made sure to get two of my wrestling-themed decorations on it, though.

A friend of mine - from the USA -  bought a tree ornament with the WWE logo on it for me during Christmas of 2022. I made sure it made its way to this year's tree.

Another thing you'll see on it is a WWE Money in the Bank briefcase. I bought that on the WWE Shop website over the summer and even bought one for my friend's birthday, so he could have one on his family's tree as well.

If you look near the bottom left, you'll see a Mandalorian decoration of Grogu (AKA Baby Yoda). That was a gift from my American friend to my nephew in '22. 

The 2024 Christmas tree will have a new decoration from America on it. 

As for the rest of this season - everything else on the tree was bought from Temu.  I had ordered a tabletop tree, but it looked crappy. The decorations, despite not being amazing, did their job.

My Notre Dame Fighting Irish Christmas train returned to its place in front of my TV. I was worried about having it there with the cats. It managed to remain in its place throughout the season (I may have to take the ornament away as soon as I hit 'Publish' just so I don't jinx it!). 

In front of the train are the infamous six glitter Santa Claus figures. I was sure they would find a way to vanish with Squeak and Oreo tagging up back when I first put them out. I can safely say that - as of this afternoon - all six Santas are accounted for. However, I have had to rescue a few of them over the past few days because Oreo has been swiping them from the table.

Oreo created a fun memory game, though. That's because I'd find myself trying to work out which colour Santa was missing when I came across conspicuous absences.

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