Sunday, January 14, 2024

More A Fool..

I have already messed up on two of my predictions for 2024.

The first one being 'Arsenal to win the FA Cup'.

I had guessed the Gunners would make it to Wembley, but that can no longer happen because they lost 2-0 to Liverpool - in the tournament's third round - last week.

The next incorrect guess, after only fourteen days of '24, was 'the Miami Dolphins will make it to the Super Bowl'.

I was sure the team would find its way to compete for the Vince Lombardi Trophy on February 11th. Alas, that turned to be a botch after the Dolphins stumbled to the Kansas City Chiefs in last night's 26-7 massacre in the cold.

Looks like I am more a fool than a prognosticator.

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