Friday, December 08, 2023

Stick Or Twist?

I didn't think I would last it out, but I have watched every single episode of this year's I'm a Celebrity.

But, it has come with a struggle.

It's the first time, in quite a while, since I have stayed through the series beyond episode one. I think it's mainly because I had a £3 investment in it.

Joe Swash, Charlie Brooks and Jacqueline Jossa have been three previous winners in the show's history. The trio have something in common - they are young actors who starred in Eastenders.

I thought, using that logic, Danielle Harold - who recently departed her role on the BBC soap opera - was worth a gamble at odds of 10/1.

She was eliminated last night.

Now, do I stick or twist?

If I 'twist' it means not having to watch that stupid Celebrity Cyclone trial that is the most monotonous things on TV each I'm a Celeb season. If you've seen it once, you don't need to see it again. 

The problem with my 'stick or twist' dilemma is I have gone this far into the series, I don't think there's any turning back for me. It's okay to leave after episode one (which is what I have been doing the past few years).

Onward I must go.

Three. More. To. Go.

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