Thursday, November 23, 2023

My Week 12 DFS Team (Thanksgiving 2023)

With the 2023 Booker Prize ceremony taking place on Sunday evening, I do not plan to publish the usual post pointing out the players I have selected for that night's NFL fantasy contest.

I will, however, share with you the players I have selected for this evening's three games for Thanksgiving!

Here they are:

Week 12 2023 NFL DFS Team

I entered these players into a £9 contest which has a prizepool of £1 Million. The top contestant - or contestants - are looking at £200K.

The team I entered for week 11, as per usual, was crap.

Week 11 2023 DFS Result

Well, maybe not 'crap', but the 115.34 wasn't enough to finish in the money. It looks like 123.66 points was the minimum amount needed to see a return of some sort.

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