Friday, November 24, 2023

Bye Mischa

I am going to start today's post off with a confession.

I am not an actor.


Now, with that stated - I should also point out the fact that I have never said I am one.

Mischa Barton is meant to be an actress. 

But, if you saw her performances as Reece Sinclair in Neighbours, you'd have some serious doubts.

Barton's guest stint on the Australian soap opera ended yesterday with her character - who had been searching for her missing sister - heading off to America to be with her father who had conveniently suffered a stroke moments after the reunion between the two sisters.

When I heard Barton was coming in for the Neighbours relaunch, I thought it was quite a huge coup. I thought that she was too big a name for the programme.

Micha Barton on Neighbours

What actually happened was a contrast.

Barton was not the best actress in any scene. And I'm even counting scenes when she was on her own. The set was more animated.

It felt like she couldn't be bothered being there and had one job to do - read lines without emotion. 

And make a silly stare. Let's not forget the stare.

Now, we'll head back to what I stated at the start of this blog post.

I am not an actor, but I have a feeling I could have done a lot better than what I've watched for the past couple of months.

I can do the blank - emotionless - face well. I've perfected it since September 18.

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  1. Probably got her for short while to try and grab some American viewers tay that'll be the main reason.dout if it worked