Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Legend

During the summer of 1988, one of my cousins from America (via Ireland!) came here to spend a few months.

One of the many memories I have of his stay is going to the video rental shop and loaning Bruce Lee's The Way of the Dragon.

After hearing all about Bruce Lee - and his films - in the school playground, that was the first opportunity I  had to see him in action.

The fact I can still recall the who, what, where and when I first watched a Bruce Lee film should highlight that I loved The Way of the Dragon.

I stil do.

In the years since 1988, I've watched more Bruce Lee films. However, The Way of the Dragon still remains my numero uno.

I've decided to write about Bruce Lee, and my favourite movie of his, today because this is the fiftieth anniversary of Lee's death.

To honour the moment, I plan to open up something I treated myself with a win on the Premium Bonds.

Bruce Lee 4K Collection

It's a 4K Ultra-HD box set of Bruce Lee's movies from Golden Harvest. This is a special, limited edition, box which was released by Arrow Films. There is a regular box that is available from other sellers like Amazon, but I thought the one from Arrow looks slightly better.

Bruce Lee 4K Collection

Also included with the set of movies is a book as well as a double sided poster. One of those posters is of The Way of the Dragon. No - it won't be going on my wall. I want to keep everything perfect in this box.

This isn't the first time I've owned Bruce Lee films. 

My previous collection is in VHS format, so it's about time my Lee viewing entered the 21st Century.

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