Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Amazon Prime Email Scam

Seeing as it's the start of Amazon Prime Day, I thought I would share a short story from over the weekend.

I had recently accepted a 30-day free trial with Amazon Prime on my own account and it is nearing its conclusion. On Sunday morning, I received an email stating that my 'membership was declined' and I had to change my payment before I could make a purchase 'on July 9 2023'.

The email was read on my watch and - upon first viewing - it did make me wonder if it was genuine because of my status as a free Prime membership user.

I didn't click anything. There was a little indicator at the start of the email that eventually made me sure it was a scam (it wasn't personally addressed to me) so I left it in my inbox.

Later that evening, when I was deleting my mails, I came across the fake Amazon one again. This time I was able to view the mail properly. 

I for sure would have realised it was a scam attempt if I had read it on anything other than my watch.

Look at that mess!

The moral of this story goes like this - be careful. With it being Prime Day over the next forty-eight hours (sic), the scammers are sure to up the ante.

Prime Day is their bait, they're the sharks and we're the potential victims.

This not only means email scams. I am sure they'll try the telephone calls as well.

10:58am Update

Another fake Prime email arrived this morning. Definitely something to keep an eye out for today and tomorrow.

Fake Amazon Prime Email

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