Monday, October 19, 2020

2020 National Lottery Christmas Advent Calendar Scratchcard

I have finally placed the 2020 National Lottery Advent Calendar on my door ready for December.

2020 National Lottery Advent Calendar

If you think it's early for me to have this up on the door, you're very much mistaken. It's late going up this year as - for the past few years - I've managed to buy the cards in early-to-mid September.

This year is different because I didn't notice the cards were out until late September and didn't get hold of one until October 8th.

It took me until yesterday to put it on my door because I had a sheet of paper with the dates - and most importantly, the times - of the G1 Climax events. 

The scratchcard went up almost as soon as the tournament was over.

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