Monday, July 31, 2023

The Bard Radio Project: Antigua and Barbuda

I recently listened to radio from Antigua and Barbuda for the Bard Radio Project.

The country was selected by Google's AI client as part of this series where I have asked AI to randomly pick a place for me to listen to radio from.

WiiMixx was the first station I was able to listen to on my radio. 

A Wikipedia search returned no results for WiiMixx. However, on Google, I found a lot of mentions. It looks - to me - like it's only an Internet station which plays 'non-stop West Indian flavour featuring the best music mixes from the best Caribbean DJs around the world'.

Wiimixx Radio

I listened for a couple of hours and it did play some catchy tunes. I don't really know what genre this station would fit under. I suppose 'Dancehall' - to an extent - but I know that's more for Jamaica. 

Another station I found was Observer Radio. It caught my attention because one of my favourite podcasts is Wrestling Observer Radio. I tuned in just because of the similarity in name.

Observer Radio wasn't playing any music when I tuned in. It had two people talking to each other. I waited a few minutes, but gave up in the end.

Hitz FM 91.9 was my next port of call. 

The station was playing OK Not To Be OK by Demi Lovato and Marshmello when I tuned in. 

Hitz FM 91.9 Antigua

The Demi Lovato song was followed by Alone by Loren Gray. After that came Loving Pauper by Freddie McGregor - a Jamaican musician - so that was the closest I could get to the style of music I was looking for from the station.

After McGregor's song came Release Me by Gregory Isaacs. Yet another Jamaican! 

Liberty Radio
Finally, I tried out Liberty Radio ZDK. When I tuned in there was a sport show finishing up. The presenter was talking about cricket. 

After the news, they cut to BBC World News coverage. From there, I tuned back into WiiMixx because - of all the stations from Antigua and Barbuda I listened to - it was the one which offered the best range of music I would associate with that country.

I doubt I'll ever go out of my way to listen to stations from Antigua and Barbuda again. However, if I were to, I'd immediately head to WiiMixx before any other.

*  * *

And now it's time for Bard to select the final country I'll listen to in this 'season' of the Bard Radio Project.

Bard Picks Egypt



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