Sunday, July 30, 2023

Taylor Wants A Trade

I've just read the news that the Indianapolis Colts' star running back - Jonathan Taylor - has requested a trade.

I initially thought this may be a bargaining tactic because there is a stalemate between the Colts and the player in regards to a contract renewal. 

Taylor wants X amount, the Colts want to pay W. Maybe V.

This could turn out messy. 

I had a feeling there was a chance Taylor would be traded last season. That was when the Colts were going nowhere fast. 

To be frank, I would usually be on the players' side in this sort of thing. However, Taylor had a down year in 2022 and he's not in any position to be looking for the big pay day. 

2022 was an injury-plagued season for Taylor. He isn't in the right position to bargain.

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