Monday, June 12, 2023

The Bard Radio Project: Greece

In a post published last Monday, I wrote about a new idea I came up with to make use out of a new Internet radio I bought recently.

The idea goes like this: I ask Google Bard to randomly pick a country and then I will tune into some of the radio stations from that location over the following days and then I'll share my thoughts about what I listened to.

Bard's very first pick was for me to listen to stations in Greece. After explaining the idea to Google's AI, it gave me some to start off with.

Skai Radio (100.3 FM)
Bard told me that this station offers a mix of news, talk and music. When I initially tuned in, they were hosting an interview or call-in with someone. It was all Greek to me. It didn't take long for them to play a tune, though.

The first bit of music I came across - on Skai - was Sympathique by Pink Martini. However, it appears as though it was used as an outro to the programme I was listening to.

Melodia FM (99.2 FM)
The first thing playing when I tuned into Melodia FM was a rock tune called Poso Se Thelo by Termites. The short bit I caught sounded really good.

Following Termites was a live version of a song called En Leftko by Natassa Bofilliou, Themis Karamouratidis and Gerasimos Evangelatos. It sounded a bit like a power ballad. 

I stuck with the station for a few songs and found its content appealing to my ears. There seemed to be a mix of genres played, but I came away having enjoyed the folk/acoustic songs.

After listening to the two (from a list of five) given to me by the AI, i decided to use the search feature on the radio. Here is one I picked myself.

Dalkas 88.2 FM
A really Greek-sounding song was playing when I tuned into Dalkas 88.2 FM. It was called Parasmenes Mou Agapes by Meri Lida and Manolis Hiotis. 

Dalkas 88.2 FM

It's the sort of song you would hear playing in restaurants around Greece. Seeing as it was released in 1971 (according to Google), and I visited the country in 1986, it fits my narrative.

The second song I heard on this station was Den Kimame by Andipas. This one sounded more modern. Or rather more modern compared to 1986. It was released in 1994!

* * *
Dalkas 88.2 FM turned out to be the Greek station I liked the most. With that said, there wasn't that much of a huge difference between all three.

I have asked Bard to select a country for the next post in this project.

Bard Picks Australia

That's right, it has elected for me to find some stations from Down Under. 

There is one presenter I am keen to listen to. If I can find her.

That's a teaser. 

Until next time.

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